Issue Trackers Integration

March 16, 2017

Video Transcript

You’re probably using an Issue Tracker to better manage issues in your software. But when it comes to open source management, how can you follow through security vulnerabilities, license compliance issues and outdated libraries found in your software?

From now on WhiteSource can integrate with your issue trackers and automatically open tickets when a problem is identified. Once integrated, you can set up policies to automatically create an issue tracker ticket when a certain condition is met.

For example, we can create a policy that will open a JIRA ticket for every new high severity security vulnerability. Note you can define the Issue type, choose a specific assignee and set the priority of the ticket.

Once the policy has been created, every time a high severity security vulnerability is identified a JIRA ticket will be opened automatically with all the relevant information.

Once the policy is triggered, on your issue tracker you would see that an open source security vulnerability has been discovered. We can see the issue, along with a link to the CVE and a remediation suggestion by WhiteSource.

Now you can assign the issue to the right person along with the best remediation option available and respond to the problematic components as soon as possible.

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