How to setup the SAML integration

January 2, 2017

Video Transcript

In our latest version we’ve released the Single-Sign-On integration.

The Single Sign-On helps secure the authentication process, identifies in real time all organization permissions, simplifies IT management processes and more.

How does it work?

There are three entities in the SAML SSO:

A service provider (SP), identity provider (IdP) and a user.

When a user wants to login to the service provider, the service provider recognizes the user and redirects him to a trusted identity provider. Then, the user authenticates with the identity provider, a SAML response is sent to the service provider. The service provider validates the response and grants access to the user.

To set a SAML SSO integration between your organization and WhiteSource just follow 4 easy steps:

1. Go to your WhiteSource dashboard and click on ‘Admin’.

2. Under ‘integration’ click on ‘SamL Integration’.

3. Plug in your SAML entity ID. You can either choose to plug in your metadata link or metadata text. Click the ‘Save’ button.

4. As soon as the process ends you will get a url link which you can use to share with your team. As soon as a team member logs in, WhiteSource will identify its permissions in your organization, and will grant access accordingly.

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