New Atlassian Bamboo Add-On for Open Source License Management By WhiteSource

March 21, 2013 Patricia Johnson

Detects new open source components, automates approval workflow, tracks inventory, and alerts about security and bug fixes.

WhiteSource, the leading provider of Open Source Lifecycle Management solutions, is proud to announce today the release of a new Atlassian Bamboo integration. The new Bamboo add-on immediately and automatically detects addition of new open source components, identifies license risks and requirements, automates the approval policies and workflows, and tracks and manages open source inventory and updates. White Source’s open source license management is a modern cloud-based SaaS solution that allows customers to increase productivity, while mitigating legal, business, and technical risks.

Atlassian’s Bamboo is a market-leading continuous integration server, used by companies around the globe. Bamboo automates release management for a software application. “Virtually every software project today is built upon open source technologies, and visibility into the components your application relies on is critical for risk assessment and regulatory compliance. The WhiteSource plugin is a big win for Bamboo customers”, says Sarah Goff-Dupont, Product Manager for Bamboo at Atlassian.

Bamboo customers would use WhiteSource to ensure compliance with open source licenses, in the ongoing and as part of the release process. The WhiteSource add-on alerts Bamboo customers to new open source components as soon as they are first added to the build, allowing them to ensure that new modules comply with company policies, or else are replaced before expanding substantial development effort around it. Later, WhiteSource helps Bamboo customers ensure compliance with the license requirements. Then, once an open source becomes an integral part of the product, WhiteSource tracks new security updates and bug fixes, and proactively alerts when such updates become available.

“Seamlessly integrating with a continuous integration server like Bamboo is important because customers want to automate the management of opens source modules within their tool of choice for overall automation of the development process. With White Source, Bamboo users unburden developers with most of chores of open source documentation and compliance, while mitigating all the legal, business, and technical risks of open source licenses” Said WhiteSource CEO Rami Sass. “The Bamboo add-on is an important addition to existing plugins for Apache Maven, Red Hat OpenShift, JetBrains TeamCity, Jenkinsand Artifactory, as well as to the freely released JNinka Scanner”.

WhiteSource provides a comprehensive, yet simple to use, and very affordable solution for companies that need to manage their open source assets and ensure license compliance and control. WhiteSource’s easy to use cloud-based service provides decision makers with all the information they need to understand the legal, business, and technical risks of specific open source libraries, as well as what needs to be done to comply with their licensing requirements. Compared with alternative scan-based solutions, WhiteSource reduces the burden placed on developers by automating the business processes necessary to adopt, manage, and update open source components. Checking for suitability and compliance upfront eliminates the need to review a large number of potential code matches post-hoc, when time is short and changes are costly. Developers, managers, and legal counsels use White Source cloud-based SaaS solution to conveniently manage the software development lifecycle.

“WhiteSource’s open source license management is a modern cloud-based SaaS solution that allows customers to increase productivity.” Sass adds. “Developers no longer need to report on new open source modules; these are detected automatically by White Source and reported to the inventory management server. There is no need to manually document all the dependencies and check if the license complies with company standards; we automate that as well; we even start an approval workflow if necessary. White Source alerts when a new version fixes an important security issue or bug. We basically let developers focus on what they know and love to do – develop new and exciting software”.

WhiteSource offers a free service that includes all basic open source license management and control functions, as well as Premium and Enterprise subscriptions. For more information, please visit

To get the WhiteSource add-on, please go to


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WhiteSource is the leading provider of modern Open Source Lifecycle Management solutions. Our cloud-based service is comprehensive, yet easy to use, and very affordable; enabling companies of all sizes to fully realize the advantages of open source software, while mitigating the legal, business and technical risks, and without over-burdening developers. White Source features a dynamic repository of information about open source modules and their licenses. Our service makes it easy to implement best-practice business processes for open source adoption, usage, updates, and ongoing compliance. For more information, visit

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