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How WhiteSource Helps Temenos Serve 500 Million Customers’ Daily Banking Needs

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Open source components management was holding up both time and resources. Besides being painfully laborious, this manual management wasn't error proof. Temenos realized that it was time to look for a better, faster, and fully automated open source component management solution. Finding the Answer in WhiteSource WhiteSource came around as a complete package. It was exactly what they were searching for – an automated and accurate management solution for their open source components that provided them with full control on what their developers could and could not use. The Solution The Seamless 90 Minute Install and a Thorough Real-time Report In less than 90 minutes, WhiteSource integrated seamlessly into Temenos' build process to provide real-time status and alerts. WhiteSource generated a 100% accurate report including the inventory list with all the dependencies, all components licenses, known security vulnerabilities based on the NIST database, and alerts on new patches or versions available for their components. The problematic components (based on Temenos' policy and WhiteSource database) were flagged. So the report laid out clear action items for the Temenos team. Martin Bailey, Product Director of Temenos, said, "Once we got it up and running, it was something we could forget about, because there's no need to go back and do any maintenance on this process – it just worked and it's been working ever since and we very happy with it." Automatic Security Vulnerabilities and Quality Issues Alerts With WhiteSource's automatic alerts, Temenos was able to quickly address and resolve security and quality issues.

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