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Panoramic Power: Managing Open Source in Embedded Software "Our agile framework and demanding ecosystem made it clear that we must use a solution like WhiteSource to automatically manage our open source components, dependencies and versions " Gev Decktor, VP Software Development, Panoramic Power The Challenge: Managing Versions and Dependencies of Open Source Components Panoramic Power started out with manual management of the open source components they use. Information about these components and the specific version in use was listed in a document and updated occasionall. As a fast growing company, the number of open source components in the software grew rapidly. It was clear to the VP pf Software Development that each open source component uses a long list of other open source components (dependencies) and that these are almost impossible to list and manage manually. To further complicate things, different versions of the same components were used in different parts of the software. Panoramic Power is the leading provider of circuit level energy management solutions. Using an innovative device level cloud-based analytic system, the company enables businesses to optimize their energy consumption, improve operational efficiency and generate income through load response programs. Panoramic Power's solution is comprised of a client device with embedded software and a cloud-based server. As a fast growing company, Panoramic Power uses open source to accelerate development and shorten time to market. Embedded systems require extra attention when it comes to open source management. Embedded systems are usually widely distributed. Therefore any misuse of open source components will be hard and costly to fix. As they are often sold through OEM agreements and other channels, using an open source component with a restrictive license can have serious implications not only on the IP of the developing company but also on the IP of its partners, channels and customers.

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