How do you manage open source licensing issues in your organization?

May 27, 2014 Patricia Johnson

Governance and license policy enforcement of open source

Tomorrow we will release an extensive survey we did on the practices of Open Source Software (OSS) usage in software development organizations.

Here is another small taste of the survey results – this time concerning license management and enforcement.
When we asked our customers "How do you manage open source licensing issues in your organization?"
we found an alarming fact:
most companies who have a license policy regarding OSS fail to enforce it AT ALL! The lack of up-to-date information on the license of each component (we call this "Stale Information") and the tedious manual definitions contribute to the fact that three out of four of the companies surveyed do not enforce policies or only have a 
simple go-no/go policy based on the developers' limited knowledge.
In contrary to this practice are automatic license and policy enforcement tools that enable the developers and management an easy and care-free way to be on top of things in regard to this area, reducing manual work and assuring compliance 100% of the time.

Online Survey Concept

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