The Devops Challenge: Open Source Security at Scale

February 17, 2019

It’s no secret that open source components form the backbone of today’s software, comprising between 60-80% of modern applications. But with this, comes the alarming rise in open source vulnerabilities – more than 3,500 open source vulnerabilities were reported in 2017 – that’s 60% higher than the previous year, and the trend continued in 2018.

The question arises: how can DevOps teams ensure a visible and continuous delivery pipeline for software releases without letting security slow them down?

Join WhiteSource’s Product Manager, Shiri Ivtsan, as she discusses:
- The current state of open source vulnerabilities management;
- The latest innovations in the open source security world;
- The best DevOps tools to protect organizations against open source vulnerabilities and ensure agility, visibility and control regarding their open source.

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